Meet the Artist

Art is Me

Ever since I was a young child, art has always been apart of me. From crayons, crafts and colouring books to watercolours, acrylics and canvas. When I was a child I coloured and drew constantly. This led to my parents enrolling me into art lessons at a local studio, which then turned into private watercolour lessons with a local artist. With the skills at hand, I was able to win small ticket awards for my Christmas card artwork to then advantageously skipping a grade in Art Class come High School. ( Note- this was actually terrifying as a new Grade 9 student in High School, thanks Dad!)
My childhood art mainly consisted of drawing animals, especially horses! I adored horses, they truly inspired me as an artist. But, once I got into watercolour painting, I strayed away from animals and found myself painting landscapes and flowers. When I hit High School I loved abstract artwork and played around with many techniques but, my true love for painting horses made an even stronger comeback.

But, when I went to off to College, painting got away from me. My studies consisted of The Sciences as I did not pursue The Arts in my post secondary education. Needless to say, DIY arts and crafts did not escape me ( hello and thank you Pinterest!) When there came a time for gift giving I ALWAYS tapped into my inner creator, which continually pointed to art! So there I was, designing, sketching, drawing and painting.
This craft of mine lasted years, as I said my post secondary education did not include art and instead, I was stuck in a redundant 9-5 Dental Hygiene job that exhausted my body and my artistic mind. Fast forward 6 years, and I became a new mom! 

Speaking of becoming a mom, this is where creating and selling my prints all started, with one simple baby shower gift. Then, from there it went to, everyone's getting pregnant and having babies and I'm over here getting pregnant and painting pictures for everyone who is getting pregnant and having babies! 

Since becoming a mom my subject matter had been greatly based around nursery themes (as I said, everyone around me is getting pregnant and having babies) But, over the recent years I have expanded my themes into what truly inspires me. I’ve been able to create a wide variety of available artwork styles, catering to many masses.
What sets my work apart from the others? All of my work is digitally hand drawn by me! How you ask? Well, I cant give all of my secrets away but, it takes a lot of skill and time. I pick an idea that resonates with me and I start the process from there. With the ability to sell prints I am able to create a one time piece and generate multiple prints on demand to sell. My goal, continue to be a stay at home mom all while making my own income through creating, painting and selling my artwork.
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